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Why reusable branded drink bottles might be the most important promotional product of the next decade. The United States alone uses 42.6 billion plastic water bottles per year. A reusable water bottle saves an average of 217 plastic bottles from being discarded per year.* Plastic bottles many of which end up in landfills, waterways and eventually our oceans are the largest contributor to the world’s plastic pollution disaster.

In a polarized country such as the United States, one that pits profit over the environment for our immediate gratification the reusable water bottle fits both agendas. The financial case for reusable water bottles is as follows. Americans spent around 11.8 billion on plastic water bottles per year in 2017. A reusable water bottle keeps an average  of 217 bottles per year out of our environment. Over five years the cost savings $6,180 by using a reusable water bottle. *

Sometimes we don’t see that little changes make huge impacts. If you have a brand or any type of business this could be a bigger giveback to the planet than just promoting your brand. Don’t forget to look at stainless steel and glass options which keep hot and cold liquids at temperature up to 24 hrs. You just might find yourself doing more for the planet than you thought.

*Penn State University “Mathematics for Sustainability: Fall 2017

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