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Business practices in the New Normal during COVID-19

Business practices in the New Normal during COVID-19

Business practices in the “New Normal”

 The COVID-19 crisis of 2020 has dramatically touched every recess of the planet and how we live, recreate and operate our businesses. As we start to come down the “curve” each industry should be ready with a safety plan, which will outline best practices to keep employees and consumers safe within an acceptable risk level.

What we know across the board is that health and disease transmission are now the most important aspects to getting your company back on its feet.  In just a short 60 days we have gone from a deficit in facial masks for essential workers to now every person needing masks to go into public spaces, food stores and businesses.

Branded and full color design masks are now available at reasonable prices and Radi8 Branding is manufacturing them for existing and new clients.  Other PPE such as personal hand sanitizers and thermometers are in high demand and will be into the near future. Businesses should look at this as an opportunity to provide employees, customers and prospects a useful safety item that is likely to be the most important product of 2020.

Business not considering this will be left behind the eight ball as competitors utilize strategy relevant to the crisis and economy to rebuild their consumer base with confidence at all levels.


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