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How to buy the right gift for your Clients and or Employees?

How to buy the right gift for your Clients and or Employees?

The Holidays are upon us. Thinking about gifts? How to buy the right gift for your clients and or employees?

We always advise my clients to give something useful for the Holiday Season. The more useful the gift, the more impressions your brand will have. Especially with clients. Purchase something they can use at home and even better something they use everyday. When they use your branded gift they are reminded subconsciously of your company and hopefully fondly. If your gift becomes a useful item next time they need a service your company offers you have a higher percentage chance they will call you first. Because you have created a positive mindset surrounding your company name in their subconscious mind. At least thats what one of my marketing professors taught me a long time ago.

Ok, now you need a gift idea. Your target market and your price point are the first place to start thinking of. Then brainstorm about the things you use at home and or everyday and does it relate to your target market. Then ask yourself of these items which ones fit best in the gift category. Outdoor and or travel items are also wonderful gifts. This is another area people are in need and often don't buy for themselves. Always keep the trends in mind too. Whats the latest fad in technology or gadgets. Another great area to think about. So now you should have some ideas and a price range. Even with all that some companies still struggle with this process and thats where we can help. We always remind my clients that a really nice bag or the latest drinkware styles is always a great gift no matter what. You can't go wrong. Always remember useful!

Happy creating and Happy shopping..

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